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KFC Now Has A Fried Chicken Mac & Cheese Wrap

What's more comforting than your favorite comfort foods? How about combing them together and wrapping them up in a tasty blanket for you to eat. KFC has essentially done just that, introducing their new fried chicken with mac and cheese wrap. "KFC, the original fried chicken expert, is bringing back its KFC Wraps starting November 12 with a finger lickin’ good deal of two craveable wraps for just $5, and this time with a new addition: Mac & Cheese Wraps," the popular fast-food restaurant said via a press release. The return of these popular wraps gives customers three different menu options. You can mix and match any two for that $5 cost. Here Are The Wrap Options: The Mac & Cheese Wrap - has an Extra Crispy fried chicken tender topped with cheddar mac & cheese and a shredded three-cheese blend (new). The Classic Chicken Wrap - is an Extra Crispy fried chicken tender topped with pickles, and mayonnaise. The Spicy Slaw Chicken Wrap - is an Extra Crispy fried chicken tender topped with a mix of coleslaw, spicy sauce, and pickles. Each is wrapped in a warm tortilla. “Since we introduced KFC Wraps earlier this year, others have followed with their versions – but why go to a burger chain for a fried chicken wrap, when you can get a craveable wrap with KFC’s world-famous fried chicken?" said Nick Chavez, CMO, KFC U.S. in the official press release. Also new at KFC is a sweet dessert option. Enter the Colonel’s Homestyle Brownie. This is an all-new fudgy brownie that’s rich and is loaded with chocolate chips. The Homestyle Brownie is large enough to qualify as family-style, as it is nine squares. This, too, can be purchased for $5 when added to a box meal, or for $6.99 if ordered alone. The Brownie also joins the menu on Sunday, November 12. To be first in line for the new KFC mac and cheese wrap, you can find your local participating establishment here. [select-listicle listicle_id="660295" syndication_name="are-these-the-best-french-fries-in-fast-food" description="yes"]

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