BERKELEY TOWNSHIP, NEW JERSEY - JULY 27: Beachgoers enjoy the weather at Island Beach State Park in Berkeley Township, NJ on July 27, 2020. New Jersey is currently in Stage Two of the reopening process which allows for moderate-risk activities

As fall slowly approaches, you can still bask in one of New Jersey’s greatest treasures: its 130-mile shoreline. One beach in particular however ranks as one of the best on the entire east coast. According to MSN, Cape May ranks supreme over Jersey’s other beaches and all that reside on the eastern seaboard.

The site says that Cape May’s Victorian bed and breakfast destinations are one of the beach’s unique features, and are a big draw. Per, Cape May’s renaissance began at the end of the 20th century. That’s when entrepreneurs came back to the Cape and restored the beautiful Victorian homes we see and love today. They restored many of them for use as bed and breakfast inns, guest houses, restaurants, and shops.

After business was once again booming on Jersey’s pristine shoreline, culture was brought back to the Cape. “The Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts was given a trolley and began tours of Cape May bringing its history to life and providing income for the restoration of the Physick Estate and eventually the lighthouse,” the site reports. “Louisa’s Restaurant, opening in the early ’80s was one of the first alternative eating establishments,” the publication added.

The success of these ventures made the Cape a popular place for investors to see the shore town in a new light. Cape May’s popularity as a seaside resort also included the creation of the Washington Street Mall in 1971 and other smaller restoration projects that began in the ’80s.

Although Cape May is gorgeous in the warmer months, it is not just a summertime destination. Visitors can enjoy the Cape May Bird Observatory, Cape May’s County Park and Zoo, The Whale Watch and Resource Center and the Naval Air Station at the Wildwood Aviation Museum on chillier days.

While there is still a few weeks left of warm weather, consider planning your next trip to the shore. Take a look at some beach activities you can enjoy on your next adventure to Cape May:

  • Swimming

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    Swim Information from Cape May: Swimming is welcome. For your safety, the Beach Patrol recommends not swimming past chest-deep water (areas may be marked with flags). Ocean conditions may change quickly. Please check with the nearest lifeguard stand before you attempt distance swimming.

  • Skimboarding

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    Skimboarding is a boardsport in which a skimboard is used to glide across the water’s surface to meet an incoming breaking wave and ride it back to shore. Skimboarding Information from Cape May: Skimboarding is allowed with the permission of lifeguards.

  • Volleyball

    AVP Gold Series Chicago Open

    Volleyball Information from Cape May: Volleyball nets are available at Steger Beach (Beach Ave & Jackson St) and at 2nd Avenue Beach (2nd Avenue & Beach Ave). They’re located on the beach, so you will need a beach tag to play, and please BYOB (bring your own ball).

  • Surfing

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    Surf Information from Cape May: Surfing is permitted at Poverty Beach (Wilmington Avenue), The Cove, Surfing Beach (Gurney Street), and South Queen (Queen Street).

  • Fishing

    General Views of New York

    Fishing Information from Cape May: During guarded hours, fishing is permitted along the quarter-mile stretch east of the Brooklyn Avenue storm pipe. Fishing is prohibited at all other beaches during guarded hours.

  • Kayaking

    General Views of New York

    Kayaking Information from Cape May: Kayaking is permitted past the bathing zone. You can launch east of Poverty Beach and west of The Cove stand.

  • Picnics

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    Picnic Information from Cape May: Food and beverages are welcome on the beaches. Just don’t bring any alcohol or use any portable cooking devices. And please remove everything you bring with you.

  • Sandsculpting

    International Sand Sculpting Artists Open Annual Exhibition

    Sandsculpting Information from Cape May: Create the sand sculptures of your dreams. If you dig holes, make sure they’re no more than waist height of the shortest person in your group. And please fill them in before you leave the beach.