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What’s up, hockey fans?! The NHL season is nearly here and we’re getting pretty pumped up for it. What does hockey mean to us? Beer, passion, yelling, food, sports, ice, action, speed, competition, and FUN!

And with the return of hockey comes the return of the New Jersey Devils! The Devils are coming off a surprisingly great season where the team unexpectedly made the NHL playoffs.  So it’s time to level up and get back to the Stanley Cup Finals. 

Think about it…very quietly…the Devils are one of the best things about the great state of New Jersey. Having won three Stanley Cup Finals, they’ve made NHL history thrice, and that ain’t too shabby! If you’re a hockey fan, then you probably plan to head to a few of the games, right? Why wear one of your old and worn jerseys or shirts, when you could grab some great new stuff? Trust me when I say, the Devils have some great new items out there. Not only are there some great jerseys, but I’m talking about t-shirts, pants, hats, coolers, and honestly anything you can think of. So of course, I wanted to make sure you had my picks for this season. 

When it comes to New Jersey Devils items, the goal is to show off your pride. All that passion and yelling I mentioned earlier? Yeah, I need the boys on the to be able to see an arena full of red, white, and black.

So, without further ado, let’s get you some stuff that will increase your enjoyment of the NHL and maximize your hockey experience! Here are my favorite New Jersey Devils items of the season. Let’s go! 

  • 1) Devils Watch Band

    Show that it’s game TIME with the Devils! Hahaha! Game…TIME. See what I did there? If you did, I apologize, it was awful! But seriously, this Apple Watch band comes in two different sizes based on your Apple Watch face, so make sure you pick the one that fits your watch.

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  • 2) Devils Street Sign

    Say it loud and say it proud: you live in Jersey and you support the Devils! Put this in your man or woman cave…or confuse the neighbors and use it to replace the actual street sign on your blockFun times ahead! 

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  • 3) Devils Lamp

    The Devils lamp is perfect for your poker room, your bar, or your weird and creepy Devils shrine that you are gradually building in your basementAnd when the shrine is completed…the Devils will win back-to-back championshipsSo, get the lamp…complete the shrine.

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  • 4) Devils Jersey - Jack Hughes

    Listen, if you’re from Jersey you really need a Devils jersey. What’s the point of being a Jersey Devils fan without a jersey? It doesn’t even make sense. Do yourself a favor, and get this Jersey Devils jersey! Plus, the Hughes brothers are definitely a dangerous pair and I’m glad we have both of them!

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  • 5) Jack Hughes-signed puck!

    Speaking of, get this cool hockey puck signed by young Devils superstar Jack HughesHey, someday this thing could be worth BIG money…so get it NOW! 

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  • 6) Devils Socks

    I like to keep my feet warm in the wintertime, and what better way to toast those tootsies than with these Devils socksThink about it, most devils spend their time in Hell. So they are experts on clothing that keeps you warm! BAM!

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  • 7) Smells Like A Devils Win Candle

    The other thing that Devils like is fire. Now, I’m responsible. I’m not gonna ask you to light your couch on fire while you’re watching the Devils on TVThat’s where this candle comes inShow your Devils pride and make the place smell like victory with this item!

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